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Poppy on bed

Poppy in Kitchen

Poppy on "deck"

Hayley & Grizz poolside

After adopting three Mutts, Hayley, Grizz and Poppy from our local Humane Society, we wanted to show how proud we were of our spoiled pets. After an extensive search, we realized there were only breed-specific pet products available for families with Mixed-Breeds, All-Americans, Heinz 57's or Mutts, as they are affectionately known. We love all dogs but have a soft spot for Mutts and wanted to help other Mutt lovers show that their pets were not second-class or superior but truly special. We designed a few items that would appeal to other pet companions, ran them past our own four-legged inspirations, Hayley Grizz and Poppy (who, by the way, each gave an enthusiastic "two paws up") and MuttStuffTM was off and running.

With merchandise as unique as your very own Mutt, you'll be sure to turn heads and give mixed-breeds and all dogs the recognition they deserve when you strut your MuttStuffTM. At the request of Hayley, Grizz and Poppy a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each item will be donated to their furry friends at local and national animal shelters. Last year 10% of our proceeds went to animal welfare groups both locally and nationally.

Thank you... and be proud to Strut your Mutt!

Read the "tails" of the Three Muttskateers below.

In Their Own Words...

I can still remember the first day that I left the Humane Society. It was a big deal for a Basset/Bearded Collie mix like me or any former stray Mutt for that matter. I was slinking really low to the ground sniffing every square inch of my new home. After about two hours of playing with my new Mom and Dad, investigating my new home, and even barking at my reflection in the oven door, I collapsed on the floor for a nap.

The next several months were very exciting, and I got to experience lots of new things. It seemed like Mom and Dad were always laughing at me. I realize that I may be a little more demanding than your average Mutt, but after a while, my routine was getting a little boring to me. I really lived for those trips to the school field to play Frisbee and going Rollerblading with Dad, but it seemed like there was something lacking in my life. Maybe it was that I was used to having so much attention from my parents that I was bored and I would complain just to get their attention. Mom and Dad kept asking me if I wanted a brother or sister and if that meant fighting for food and toys like in the shelter, my answer was no!

Didn't they remember that I was the queen of the house? Who else could alert them that the mail or garbage truck was in the neighborhood the way I did? I just really thought that we didn't need all of that hassle from a young, messy, untrained dog. They had it so easy with me, and they were about to start the feeding, training and mayhem all over again. Were they nuts? Probably, but I had a feeling that they had other ideas. I would find out later that I was right.

Enter the Grizz.....

I remember this nice woman coming to see me and she had this thing called a camera and kept flashing this light at me. I tried over and over to give her my credentials. "My name is Grizz. I like to give kisses. I like to run. I like to play. I love to eat!" She left and over the next few weeks lots of people came to see me and I had lots of different roommates. I kept telling everyone, "My name is Grizz. I like to give kisses. I like to run ....." but I didn't think they were listening. It seemed like a lot of the other dogs were leaving with their new families and I knew that eventually my turn would come. One day this man and woman came in to see me and played with me. They brought me treats, scratched my ears and rubbed my little potbelly. I loved that. They asked me about some girl named Hayley and then went to talk to the nice shelter people.

Later that man and woman came back and I got to go outside with them. There was this other dog out there and I was a little afraid of her. Her name was Hayley and she kept sniffing me and looking down at me. Eventually we went to my new home and my Mom and Dad wanted to play! At my new home I had to learn how to go up and down these things called steps and after awhile I just ran up and down because it was fun. I get to go to this big field and chase after Hayley. We eat and lie around together and we always have lots of fun, but sometimes Hayley doesn't want to play with me. I'll just keep running around her and barking until she gives in and wrestles around with me. Yippee, Mommy and Daddy were moving to a new house with a big yard and I think they were talking about some young, new girl moving in.

And then came Poppy......

I was getting used to the Animal shelter. I had been there once and went home with a family who brought me back. I don't know why because I was always really excited to see them. Another family came to pick me up but they decided to buy a puppy dog from a breeder. Time was passing quickly and I was getting very anxious to find a home. This man and woman brought up some other dogs and we went out in the fenced yard to play a little. The one boy named Grizz was kinda cute and fun, but the other girl Hayley was really bossy with me. I was young and fast and she would have to catch me first! I got to ride home with my new family and I was asleep in the back of the jeep before I knew it. I woke up and got to run around the big yard until I wore myself out.

A young girl like me has a lot of energy and I love to run around our yard really fast and one time I even almost caught up to a squirrel. I am really good at stalking and then scaring the birds away and barking at the cows in the pasture next door. Sometimes Hayley, Grizzly and I play frizbee and when I get it I don't like to give it up. My Daddy says I'm the fastest of any dog he's ever seen and I always run and jump around to show off. Some mornings I like to catch some rays on the deck that Daddy calls a picnic table. Me and Grizzy have a good ol' time and Hayley even is nice to me sometimes even though she likes to act like the boss of me. I think I'll keep my family!

A word from the "parents"......

Hayley, Grizz and Poppy make a pretty good team. Grizz and Poppy are happy to have full-time playmates, and Hayley is content with always having someone to boss around. All three of our Mutts have totally distinct personalities. We can always count on Hayley for high drama, mood swings and her crazy demands. Grizz always displays that incredible, positive, fun-loving spirit and sweetness that kept him alive in the shelter for the 2 months before we adopted him. Poppy was a wild firecracker who breathed new life and excitement into our house, but has developed nicely into a sweet, lovable, but energetic girl. We feel lucky and grateful to have found such an incredible and rewarding pack of Mutts! Do yourself a favor and grow your own pack today by rescuing a dog (or 2) from your local shelter.

- Kellie & Carl
Three Mutts!

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